The concept of having a web site for airman aircrew came as result of a get together when, in 2000, past and serving members gathered at RAAF Richmond to farewell the C-130E Hercules from the Royal Australian Air Force.

It is always good to meet with old friends, but with this get together, the realisation had come that with the passage of time, sadly some had left us and many had lost contact, therefore the aim of this site is to endeavour to keep the kinship alive.

When most of us commenced flying, personal computers were not yet developed and the concept of web sites and emails were unheard of. We can now use these developments to enable past and present airman aircrew as well as associates of airman aircrew to better maintain contact. This will enable:

  • Your friends to be as close as your keyboard or telephone.
  • In times of sickness or bereavement, a place to seek help or counsel.
  • Coming events to be be displayed in a timely manner.
  • Support to be given in the event that members are ill or incapacitated.
  • Respects and condolences to be given when members pass on.

This web site is funded by the webmaster for the benefit of members.

The current list of names has grown immeasurably to that of the initial list of 50, but there are still many holes yet to be filled particularly from within Caribous and helicopters, therefore feedback from our friends in Caribous and helicopters would be gratefully received.

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